My topic is “management”.  I learned a lot of things about management this year. Now, if I’m asked “what is management?” , I’ll answer that it is process for success. There are three parts in management. These are structured organization, individual and society. The individual do self-realization for the organization substituted the organization make money, position, and chance of social contribution. And the organization do social contribution substituted the society retain something and development.

The management makes use of working person. It makes organizations that can duty their mission and purpose. And it is to contribution for problem solution of society.

Second, I researched about strategic management mainly. Peter Ferdinand Drucker is famous manager all over the world. He born in Vienna, Austria. He is an inventor of modern business administration, and he is called a futurist. Drucker experienced staff of investment bank and professor. Finally he was given a president-free-decoration by American government. He says that strategic management is resources, action, and result. There are a lot of resources on enterprises. If we need result, we have to start action.

Finally, what is the marketing? Marketing is to make service and commodity and activity for the customer can get this commodity. Generally, people think that marketing is activity only advertisement, but it is misunderstood. The right definition of marketing is advanced skills.

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